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What we learned about Cam Kirk from his AMA


In celebration of the release of Gucci Mane’s latest album “Droptop Wop” Cam Kirk, who rose to frame from his iconic photos (more...)

Drop Top Wop First Impressions


Since “Droptop Wop” dropped at midnight yesterday, I’ve listened to all the songs several times already. So far, I haven’t found a (more...)

Drop Top Wop Release date


"Droptop Wop" finally has a release date! 5/26/17 which is this Friday, which is also the one year anniversary of Gucci Mane being released from prison. (more...)

My Thoughts on the upcoming Gucci Mane and Metro Boomin project


When Gucci Mane and Metro Boomin announced the apparently named "So Icey Boyz Album", I was ecstatic (more...)

5 Soundcloud Gucci Mane Remixes You Need To Hear

Gucci Mane Chains

I've been soundcloud surfing as of late and on my travels I have found some very dope Gucci Mane remixes among the trees (more...)

Why Gucci Mane needs to do a "Trap Back 3"


Recently, I was reading an article where it talked about Gucci Mane coming up with the idea for his February 2012 mixtape "Trap Back". (more...)

My Thoughts on Gucci Mane's Autobiography


I have been waiting for this book all my life! I think this would be one of the more interesting (more...)

One Year Anniversary of


Today marks the 1 year anniversary, and what a year it has been (more...)

Old Gucci Vs. New Gucci


Since Gucci Mane’s release from prison in 2016, a section of fans generally in the Youtube comments (more...)

The Old Bangers of Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj


I was recently listening to my old iPod touch which has all my old music. It was on this device which I rediscovered (more...)

My Thoughts On Gucci Mane signing Ralo to 1017 Eskimo

Gucci Mane and Ralo

Gucci Mane announcing the signing of Ralo to 1017 Eskimo surprised the best of us (more...)

Ralo Signs To 1017 Eskimos


Ralo is the first artist to sign to Gucci Mane's latest (more...)

HB Gucci Mane, The Most Influential Rapper Of This Decade

Gucci Mane

On 12th February 1980, Radric Davis was born. Within the span of 37 years, (more...)

My Thoughts on Waka Flocka’s “Was My Dawg (Gucci Mane Diss)”

Was My Dawg Artwork

I wasn’t even sure if I should even make a post about this but it’s been on my mind since Waka dropped (more...)

Albums of 2016 Ranked

Gucci Mane

Knowing Gucci Mane, he could drop ‘Drop Top Wop’ any day now and before (more...)

New Album: Droptop Wizop

Gucci Mane

When you thought it was a drought, Gucci Mane surprises us again. (more...)

Beginner's Guide to Gucci Mane


Released on 8th December 2009, "The state vs. Radric Davis" is the perfect place to begin your journey as a fan of the Trap God, Gucci Mane. (more...)

The Best of #AskGucci

Ask Gucci

Gucci Mane did a surprise Q&A session on with Complex. Amazingly, Gucci Mane nearly answered 40 questions, here are some of his best responses. (more...)

Interview: Visuals By Mikal

East Atlanta Santa 3 Artwork

For our first ever interview, we are proud to have the graphic designer, Visuals By Mikal, the man behind the dope artwork above and the covers of hit Gucci Mane singles; “On Me (ft. Tupac)”, “Bling Blaww Burr (ft. Young Dolph)” and “Orange”. (more...)

Gucci Mane for Person of the Year

Gucci Mane TIME magazine

TIME magazine announcing Donald Trump as their person of the year for 2016 enraged me. Why wasn’t it Gucci Mane?(more...)