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5 Soundcloud Gucci Mane Remixes You Need To Hear


I’ve been soundcloud surfing as of late and on my travels I have found some very dope Gucci Mane remixes among the trees of trash. So I present to you 5 Gucci Mane remixes on Soundcloud that you need to listen to.


WHADELSE – “Stoopid”

whadelse Artwork

This remix made me realise how much effect the instrumental has on the mood/vibe of a song. The original “Stoopid” has a light-hearted, joyous and dare I say it, stupid tone that works so well, it’s classic Gucci Mane. Yet this remix defies all preexisting norms by creating a slower paced, darker and mature instrumental to pair with Gucci Mane lyrics. Surprisingly, it works really well and is a pleasure to listen to. I think that’s shows how good of a producer WHADELSE is.


Monomite – “Freaky Gurl”

monomite Artwork

There are many “Freaky Gurl” remixes out there on Soundcloud and this one impressed me the most. Monomite manages to combine Soul, R&B and Screwed into this Gucci Mane classic. Monomite’s remix restores your faith in the youth, knowing that there are people still out there that are able to screw a track and not completely ruin the song.


Matthewambrizone – “Christmas tree”

matthew Artwork

This remix is amazing. Matthewambrizone was able to transform the orginial track from being a beautifully mundane art piece that you hang on your wall yet pass everyday without appreciation into an art masterpiece that you take time out of your life to go see at a museum and stare in awe. For me this isn’t a track you listen to on loop like the original but you observe and appreciate.


thecreatoR – “Stoopid”

thecreatoR Artwork

Believe it or not, I actually enjoy this version more than the original. The beat is refreshing yet complimentary. Furthermore thecreatoR forgoes the chorus and blends the verses into each other which creates a very interesting unique element to this remix that adds to the refreshing feel of this song.


WoodysProduce - "Freaky Gurl"

WoodysProduce Artwork

You know I actually thought Gucci invented the phrase “She’s a very freaky girl, don’t bring her to mama”! The production on this song is outstanding, everything on this track sounds so professional, I want this is to replacement the original remix. WoodysProduce is able to retain the melodic vibe of the original but put it on steroids and the Rick James feature is the icing on the cake.