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What we learned about Cam Kirk from his AMA


In celebration of the release of Gucci Mane’s latest album “Droptop Wop” Cam Kirk, who rose to frame from his iconic photos of Gucci Mane, did a “Ask or Anything (AMA)” on the popular hip hop forum r/hiphopheads on reddit.

Unlike most AMAs on r/hiphopheads, Cam Kirk answered many questions with kind and insightfulness, provided advice to upcoming photographers and even answered my question. I picked out 10 of the best questions and answers from the thread. Read the whole thing here.

Q: What's something that not a lot of people know about Gucci Mane but should?

A: The same happy and smiling Gucci that world sees now is the same person I met back in 2012. The world just painted a picture of a more menacing person.

Q: I would love the opportunity to work with Gucci one day like yourself, so my question is to you; what advice would you give me to get myself in a position to work with Gucci? website: P.S. What is your favorite photo you have taken of Gucci Mane?

A: Continue to perfect your craft and just be ready for your moment. Gucci only keeps the best around him so if the opportunity ever presents itself just make sure you ready. My favorite photo I have taken of Gucci is probably one of the ones I took the day he got engaged at the Hawks game. It was a shot that he only entrusted to me to get so that meant a lot to me for me to be a part of that moment in his life

Q: What's one artist Gucci has never worked with that you hope he will work with in the future

A: I would love to see him get a chance to work with Jay-Z or Nas just to really put his lyrical skills to the test. People sleep on Wops bars and I think him on a song with them would make the real "hip hop" heads tune in.

Q: How does someone become a photographer for a well known hip hop artist or musician? It's something that I would absolutely love to do. When i see the videographers and photographers at concerts I imagine myself doing it, it's a dream job of mine, capturing those exciting moments at concerts and behind the scenes :)

A: This is a question I get asked probably more than anything. The best advice I can give is do not chase big names but instead look for opportunities to work with artist on the come up who give you the ability to actually grow and evolve with them. People see the artist I work with now as celebrities but they don't never pay attention to the fact that I was shooting majority of these artist outside of Gucci Mane before they were these major celebrities. When I first shot Young Thug, Metro Boomin, Migos, Rich Homie Quan, 21 Savage and more you all probably did not even know them lol. Don't chase big names use your work and vision to create the next big name!

Q: What is your most prized shot? When did you realize that you've really made it as a professional photographer? Was it a phone call or did it just occur to you?

A: My most prize shot is probably the famous photo of Guwop holding the assault rifle in black/white. The day I realized I made it was the day my Dad told me he was proud of me and stopped telling me to get a real job but instead asked me for money lol.

Q: What's your all time favorite Guwop track?

A: My favorite Guwop track of all time is a track only true Gucci fans now...."I Wonder"

Q: How was the shoot for Young Thug's video "Again" at the Trap God exhibit you created?

A: That shoot was sooo spontaneous but one of my favorite ever. The fact that not only did Thug show up to the exhibit but the fact that he got sooo inspired to just want to shoot a music video was amazing to me. Plus he demanded that I be in the video with him so that was pretty dope too!

Q: What's the best thing about working with Gucci? Also I really loved that Trap God exhibition you did

A: Thanks!! The best thing about working with Gucci is that he has a vision for everything around him. I love working with artist that can actually give input into the work. That makes it a true collaboration!

Q: Describe Gucci in three words, What's your favorite Gucci adlib?

A: Genius - Workaholic - Legend. My favorite gucci adlib is BRRR

Q: If you could only keep on Cam / Lens combo for the rest of your career, what would it be?

A: Canon 5d Mark III and a 50mm L 1.2 lens

Q: Who would win a fist fight? Gucci or David Banner?

A: Have you not seen Gucci box? lol but idk hopefully that never ever happens to even find out.