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My First Impression of The Autobiography of Gucci Mane


“The Autobiography of Gucci Mane” hasn’t been out for more than a week yet and I’m dying to give it another listen. Yes, unfortunately I haven’t got the physical copy yet but the audio book is definitely a suitable substitute.

First off the narrator Guy Lockard was better than expected. Of course I would have preferred it if Gucci did the voice over himself but Guy did a suffice job at capturing Gucci’s essence and emotion.

Listening to the story of Gucci you realize how lucky Gucci was to have a career. As a fan I never appreciated what Gucci had to go through to drop a new album or mixtape since he was always so prolific. But the reality of it was that the combination of a poor project and prison time could have spelt the end for Gucci Mane.

Lastly, I did think it was a bit unnecessary how much detail Gucci went into with his childhood and early adulthood and instead I would have liked to hear more of his Trap God era (2012 – 2013) but that’s just a personal favorite of mine.

Download the audio book for free using the audible 30 day trial.