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HB Gucci Mane, The Most Influential Rapper Of This Decade

Gucci Mane

On 12th February 1980, Radric Davis was born. Within the span of 37 years, Radric Davis eventually became Gucci Mane who would later become the most influential rapper of this decade.

Oj da Juiceman

Ayyee! OK! DAMN! First Gucci Mane brought us Juice, Oj da Juiceman. I was listening to Ugly God’s latest single ‘Bitch’ and I noticed he had adlibs on the whole of the verses.

It was only until recently when I was listening to some Juice when I made the connection. There are so many rappers who creatively using the adlib style Oj da Juiceman created, Oj da Juiceman was ahead of his time!

Waka Flocka Flame

Then Gucci Mane brought us Waka Flocka. Waka Flocka has done so much for rap. The sound Waka and Lex Luger produced on ‘Flockaveli’ is iconic. I think Waka Flocka’s two biggest contributions to rap, are Sizzle and EDM crossover.

Sizzle aka 808 Mafia Boss first starting producing for Waka Flocka. 808 Mafia has become inescapable having produced some of the biggest singles such as ‘I Got the Keys’. EDM crossover, Waka Flocka has literally created a new lane of rap artists.


Gucci Mane was able to help Future solidify himself in the game. The ‘Free Bricks’ mixtape allowed existing Gucci Mane fans become Future fans and new fans who only knew Future for his song ‘Racks’ to have new Future content.

Future has been accredited for beginning this whole ‘mumble rap’ (I hate that name) style that’s been popping lately.

Young Thug

Young Thug has redefined what it is to be a rapper and has pushed the boundaries of fashion. Young Thug’s very unique style of rap hasn’t been imitated but it has opened doors for others to have their own unorthodox sound. I feel like Young Thug is going to be one of the most influential rappers in following years.


The Migos revolutionized rap with their iconic flow that so many rappers have based their flow off of. Gucci Mane first signed the Migos and helped them in the infancy of their careers.