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Mixtapes we want to see from Gucci Mane in 2018


Earlier this week Gucci announced that he was going 100% independent and releasing a mixtape every other day. Although I think it’s safe to say that the last bit of that statement was an exaggeration, the good news is that Gucci will be releasing mixtapes once again.

As I’m writing this article, “When I was water whipping” is playing in my ears. This is significant because people like to distinguish between the “Old” Gucci and the “New” Gucci. “Old” Gucci made songs like “When I was Water Whippin” and the “New” Gucci make songs like “Met Gala ft. Offset”.

Now what’s interesting is that if I was a relatively new Gucci Mane fan, I wouldn’t be able to confirm which period of Gucci Mane’s career this song was released in as this sounds like a track both “Old” and “New” Gucci would make. One might think that this “New” Gucci wouldn’t be able to make songs like the “Old” Gucci and thus not be able to make classic mixtapes such as Trap God or Writings on the Wall.

One of the mixtapes I would like to see Gucci release in 2018 is Trap God 4. To me, Trap God 1 & 2 were amazing, both are in my Top Ten Gucci Mane mixtapes. Yet Trap God 3 was lackluster in comparison. There are definitely some bangers on the mixtape such as “My lil Gee”, “Swole Pocket Shawty” and “Informant” but the rest of the mixtape wasn’t anything spectacular.

The difference between Trap God 3 and 1 & 2 is that Gucci made those mixtapes when he was a free man. I think that Gucci being behind bars for Trap God 3 meant that he might not have necessarily got the best beats from his top producers and Gucci wasn’t creatively at his best for Trap God 3, yet he made the most out of it. Furthermore, Trap God 3 only had the Chief Keef feature whereas the previous installments included quite a few features especially from his 1017 signees.

Another mixtape I would like to see from Gucci or more correctly, a series of mixtapes I would like to see from Gucci is joint mixtapes with Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Lil Wop and Ralo. I feel like there are many Gucci fans that have listened at least one project from each of them. A joint mixtape of each of them with Gucci Mane will give Gucci fans easy pathways into each respective artist.

Of course there’s a plethora of mixtapes I would like to see from Gucci Mane in 2018 such as “Thugga Mane La Flare 2”, “Trap Back 3” and “Writings On the Wall 3” but I would be more than happy to get Trap God 4 and joint projects from his signees released. Rather, this is the minimum Gucci Mane should release in 2018 which is easy for Gucci.