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My Thoughts on Gucci Mane signing Ralo to 1017 Eskimo

Gucci Mane and Ralo

Gucci Mane announcing the signing of Ralo to 1017 Eskimo’s surprised the best of us. Truth be told, I was a little disappointed.

I would have preferred if Gucci Mane signed someone completely unheard of. However, I actually think that Gucci Mane signing someone who is as established as Ralo could play in their favor.

This is because a new artist would have too much hype to be successful. The constant comparison to former signees of 1017 such as Waka or Thug would have killed their career before it had even begun.

Over the course of the day I have been listening to Ralo’s latest project – “Famerica Gangster 2” which I swear is actually good. I have tried to listen to Ralo before since he’s an associate of Future and Young Scooter but I couldn’t STAND his voice.

On “Famerica Gangster 2” he sounds way more bearable, dare I say enjoyable. The production quality could have played a large part in this since it is an album. Or it could be the Gucci Mane association bias!

I think Ralo’s greatest quality is that he is polarizing. Either you hate him or love him. I think given his next project, I will be in the latter crowd. I still remember the hate Gucci Mane used to get right up till he got released, or even Young Thug before “lifestyle” dropped so many people used to hate his voice, the fact that you can’t always understand what he is saying and his fashion sense. Now, Young Thug is applauded for it.

Welcome to 1017 Eskimo Ralo, continue to have a prosperous career, you have the full support of I hope I can join you on 1017 Eskimo’s one day.