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Old Gucci Vs. New Gucci


Since Gucci Mane’s release from prison in 2016, a section of fans generally in the Youtube comments of songs predating 2014 post comments along the lines “I miss the old Gucci”. Personally, I don’t miss him and I’m happy for the one we see in 2017.

The old Gucci Mane was reckless! Every year we would hear another case being brought up against him, every year there was the possibility that Gucci Mane would be sent to prison and sometimes he did. But every year Gucci Mane would release a handful of mixtapes and introduce us to a new upcoming artist.

The old Gucci Mane was amazing at mixtapes. The mixtapes Guwop released were what got him his cult following. The songs on his various mixtapes were diamonds in the dirt. Who cares if they never featured on the Billboard charts, they were your personal favorites.

This lack of chart presence resulted in little to no mainstream exposure. The absence of Gucci Mane’s presence in the mainstream produced an undercurrent of diehard fans.

Guwop’s music was a guilty pleasure; we didn’t want to announce our fandom to the world since many people just didn’t ‘get him’. So we turned to the anonymity of the internet. People began posting Gucci Mane inspired art, memes, ice cream cone themed tattoos and positive opinions on him. Suddenly, it was realized that the Trap God had a cult following and this following kept his career alive whilst he was locked away.

The Gucci Mane we see today performs on the Tonight Show, has a No.1 single, sober and features in magazines, but mainly this Gucci Mane releases albums not mixtapes. The three albums released so far have all been better than the previous albums except for ‘The State vs. Radric Davis’.

When I listen to the latest albums I hear the essence of Trap music whereas his mixtapes were the epitome of Trap music. I guess it makes sense since Guwop is now appealing to a wider audience now. Moreover, Gucci Mane has his own official tour for the first time ever, the “Trap God Tour” no less.

I think Gucci Mane is the personification of character growth we would all like to see in ourselves; giving up addictions, removing detrimental people from our lives and having a successful career. Whether his old music is better than his new stuff is forever up for debate, a true Gucci Mane fan we just be glad to have both right now.