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Albums of 2016 Ranked

Gucci Mane

Knowing Gucci Mane, he could drop ‘Drop Top Wop’ any day now and before he does that I want to rank his releases of 2016. An article is long overdue.


Free Bricks 2 Zone 6 Edition

Free Bricks 2 Zone Edition

Honestly, I wish Gucci Mane and Future never released this. Every time I see the cover art appear on my phone I die a little inside (except for ‘Zone 6’ that song bangs). Future’s verses and hooks were so poor in comparison to Gucci Mane and Future’s previous work. I understand that all of these tracks were recorded in one day, but I was looking so forward to this. For it to result in a below par mixtape is unacceptable to me.




I have mixed feelings for this EP. Volume 2; ‘Woptober’ is by far the best track. The rest are okay I guess, nothing special.




‘Woptober’ did disappoint me a little. For me, there was too many tracks on here that I felt like I was suppose to like but in actuality I don’t. For example ‘Icy Lil Bitch’ and ‘Bling Blaww Burr’ on paper are typical Gucci Mane songs that I generally like. But when I listen to them, I just don’t catch the vibe. Truth be told, the tracks off of ‘Woptober’ that I still listen to are; ‘Fuck 12’, ‘Aggressive’, ‘Hi Five’ and ‘Out the Zoo’.


Everybody Looking

Everybody Looking

Sentimental feelings aside, ‘Everybody Looking’ is a solid album. ‘Everybody Looking’ is like an audio incarnation of randomly choosing prizes out of a bag. Songs like; ‘1st Day out the Feds’, ‘Robbed’, ‘Gucci Please’, ‘Pussy Print’, ‘Guwop Home’ and ‘Back on Road’ are the high end prizes. The rest of the album are the prizes that you don’t necessarily want to win but would be satisfied if you walked away with them.


1017 vs the World

Return Of the East Atlanta Santa

The thing about ‘1017 vs the World’ is that there’s only three tracks on here that I really like; ‘Changed my Phone’, ‘Fresh’ and ‘Secure The Bag’ but to me they outshine so many tracks Gucci Mane released last year.

The combination of LUV and Guwop really took me by surprise and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Gucci Mane’s flows on these tracks especially on ‘Fresh’ invoke feelings of nostalgia; I seriously couldn’t tell that this track was recorded in 2016 or 2013.


Return of East Atlanta Santa

Return Of the East Atlanta Santa

I think Gucci Mane improved on every album he released last year. My interpretation of the music he released in 2016 would be ‘polished Trap Music’. Songs like ‘St. Brick Intro’, ‘Last Time’, ‘Crash’, ‘Yet’ and ‘Stutter’ have the essence of ‘Trap Music’ but lack the grittiness we are used to hearing.

With the current trend of Gucci Mane albums, I can’t wait for ‘Drop Top Wop’. Something tells me that Gucci Mane will drop it on the 12/02, his birthday.