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Why Gucci Mane needs to do a “Trap Back 3”


Recently, I was reading an article where it talked about Gucci Mane coming up with the idea for his February 2012 mixtape “Trap Back”. The idea behind “Trap Back” was to return back to his signature trap sound with his familiar producers which his day one fans knew him for. I believe that if there was a time when the world needed a third installment in the “Trap Back” series, it’s now.

Last year Gucci released three albums; “Everybody Looking”, “Woptober” and “The Return of the East Atlanta Santa”. Sadly, although there are good songs that I enjoy on all three of those albums, I simply don’t listen to the majority of the songs off of them as much as I thought I would, especially when Gucci announced those albums. Moreover, while surfing Gucci Mane’s Youtube channel over the past couple of months I noticed that his views stagnate far too quickly after the release of his latest albums.

I understand that Youtube is far from the primary platform to listen to music especially when there isn’t a visual stimulate but some of the songs on his latest album don’t even exceed 500k views, which for a major artist like Gucci Mane, less than 500k views is extremely underwhelming and the music video for “Nonchalant” doesn’t even pass 1mil.

Although the figures from streaming services are unavailable I can’t imagine that they are vastly different from the figures of Youtube because so far, Gucci Mane hasn’t gone gold with any single from those albums nor has those albums gone gold. 1,500 streams are equivalent to 1 sale of a physical copy, therefore in order to go gold an artist must have at least 750mil streams.

Moreover, given that there are at least 12 tracks in his albums of 2016, that means that each of those songs off of the albums have received less than 62.5mil streams. Just like myself and the Youtube views, initially there is a huge spike in streams for the latest singles but as time goes on, those streams dissipate. Clearly, there is something temporary about his new music.

“Trap Back 3” the mixtape or album could and should rectify this problem. “Trap Back 3” would bridge the gap between his old fans and his new fans. His old fans would rejoice in listening to the Gucci Mane they know and love. The new fans would see this as an opportunity to checkout “Trap Back 1 & 2” and from there checkout his other older music.

In 2017 Future and Migos are killing the trap music scene and both artists have released music that has satisfied both groups of fans. Future has by releasing two different albums a week apart dedicated to each group and Migos with an album that was made with the highest quality of trap music and the fans just had to flock towards it. Both however have been a victim of successful meme campaigns. It’s clear that in 2017, memes can make your music go gold or platinum regardless of the lyrics.

The internet was able to turn “Drop top, raindrop” into a meme or even more impressive “molly, percocet” into a meme. The power of the internet or more specifically black twitter shouldn’t be underestimated. From the success of “Mask Off” I’ve concluded that the only requirement that an artist needs to make for it to get the meme treatment is that it’s a great track, if it’s a great track, black twitter will creatively be able to find a way to meme it.

I think that’s why songs like “Wasted” and “Lemonade” did so well for Gucci Mane. Although the power of black twitter wasn’t as strong as it is now back in 2009 or even existed it’s, those influential young black trendsetters are always going to be around. The ones that are popping now on twitter were probably raised on the old Gucci Mane of 2013 and before and that’s why Gucci Mane needs to make music that’s able to reconnect with them.

If Gucci Mane did the “Trap Back 3” project with a true trap sound and content which was available on streaming platforms and mixtape services then I know it would be Gucci Mane’s most successful project to date. Till this day Gucci Mane’s most successful album is “The State vs. Radric Davis” and if I had to summarize that album, I would describe it as “flowing with trap and a sprinkle of commercial” whereas his most recent albums has been “commercial sprinkled with a little trap”. Moreover, Guwop had a mixtape hot streak leading up the release of “The State vs. Radric Davis” which was something that might work for Gucci Mane again.

I hope “Drop Top Wizzop” is “Trap Back 3” in disguise because it’s what we need; it’s what the world needs.