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Review: Droptop Wop


Since Gucci announced ‘Droptop Wop’ earlier this year, I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this album. It shocked me that (more...)

Followers Favorites: @notaplanet


I was pleasantly surprise with @notaplanet's favorite Gucci Mane track (more...)

Followers Favorites: @nomynameisrollin


I really enjoyed this top 5. I came across an old classic I had never (more...)

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When I started doing this series of articles I was expecting so (more...)

Review: 3 For Free


Gucci Mane stays prolific, recording music and actually releasing it (looking at you Young Thug). (more...)

Followers Favorites: @threebandz


This top five is so well rounded; I experienced a whirlwind of emotions listening (more...)

Followers Favorites: @fiftyshadezof-red


I can't believe the amount of views the first article got, I glad you found it interesting. (more...)

Followers Favorites: @lilpicassa


Welcome to the first article in my new series; "Followers Favorites: ". This is where I ask one of my followers on tumblr (more...)

Review: Diplo Presents: Free Gucci


Who knew that this came out in 2010, Gucci and Diplo sure were ahead of their time (more...)

Review: Return Of East Atlanta Santa


The final album from Gucci Mane of the year, but was it the best? In some aspects (more...)

Review: 1017 vs. the World


Lil Uzi Vert and Big Gucci a collaborative mixtape combination I didn't expect to hear but the way how Gucci Mane is going in 2016, anything is possible. Moreover, no disrespect to Future but it needs to be known that 1017 vs. the World (more...)

Review: Free Bricks Zone 6 Edition


Aside from Gucci's early release this year, I guess this has to be the biggest surprise all year; a sequel to the 2011 Free Bricks mixtape between Gucci Mane and Future. This time it's(more...)

Review: Woptober


At the last day of Woptober I felt there would be no better time to drop the review for Gucci's 2nd album of the year.(more...)

Review: GucTiggy


I don't remember the last time Gucci Mane and Zaytoven exclusively did a project together. Alas, this four-track EP, "GuccTiggy", is bestowed upon us. In four words, "GuccTiggy" is a; savagely classical trap sympathy.(more...)

Review: Everybody Looking


This is the album long time Gucci Mane fans have wanted and waited for. Since the '09 release of "The State vs. Radric Davis" I feel that Gucci's subsequent studio albums have never reached that level. But finally the drought is over. (more...)

Review: Writings On The Wall 2

writings-on-the wall-2

Since 'Writings on the Wall 1' is the mixtape of the month (June 2016), I figured that I should review the sequel. (more...)

Review: The Movie


'The Movie' the first installment in possibly Gucci Mane's best mixtape series. 'The Movie' is a well balanced mixtape with street anthems, commercial records and even songs for the Gucci girls out there.(more...)

Review: Jewelry Selection


Sigh, there isn't a Gucci Mane mixtape I have simultaneously loved and hated like 'Jewelry Selection'. Loved because of the amazing music on here, hated because of(more...)

Review: Diary of a Trap God


'Diary of a Trap God', the mixtape with the strangest Gucci Mane feature. That's not the only accolade of this mixtape,(more...)

Review: Gas


I remember when Gucci announced World War 3; it was in the midst of one of his twitter rants. This rant was target towards Waka in particular.(more...)

Review: Trap Back 2


Firstly, this mixtape artwork is cool as hell. Secondly, Trap Back 2 is another mixtape that I enjoyed more than its predecessor(more...)

Review: Burrprint 2


Burrprint (2) HD, I'm unsure where I stand on this mixtape. Without a doubt it's a great mixtape. However, I find that for some reason it falls short of being amongst my favorite Gucci Mane mixtapes(more...)

Review: Free Bricks


Who the hell is Future, and why does he have a mixtape with Gucci?(more...)

Review: Ferrari Music


For such a dope mixtape artwork this mixtape for me does underperform. (more...)

Review: Lean


WW3, is a classic. Legendary in fact and volume 1 - lean is the best out of the three. (more...)

Review: Trap God


Not many mixtapes sound as professional as an album. Not many albums are able to replicate the same sound of a mixtape. Trap God has both. The release of Trap God marked a new era in Gucci Mane's career and a new persona. (more...)

Review: Gucci Sosa


"I'm the same Gucci Sosa that inspired Chief Keef"-Realest ever lived

Although, this quote isn't from this mixtape I've always wanted to listen to the Gucci Sosa mixtape retrospectively, since I hadn't even (more...)

Review: Mr Zone 6


"10:17 in the morning I wake up and say errrrrm BURR!"- What Did You Expect

This has to be my favourite Gucci mixtape thus far; there are very few mixtapes in which I can highly recommend every track, and this mixtape is one of them. (more...)