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Review: Droptop Wop


Since Gucci announced ‘Droptop Wop’ earlier this year, I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this album. It shocked me that ‘Droptop Wop’ later became the album that Gucci and Metro were talking about in their Instagram captions. If I’m honest, I’m slightly disappointed by this. I know Gucci Mane probably has a ton of other songs recorded with other high caliber producers and some interesting features from amazing artists which would have been worthy of being on an album. I think this Gucci and Metro album would have been an amazing build up to this hypothetical album.

5 million Intro

Upon my first listen, I was really rocking with this track. However, over time I found myself listening to this track less and less. The thing is this song isn’t bad. Gucci Mane’s flow is really impressive, every verse he switches up his deliverance. Moreover, the beat is good, it’s not the most entertaining but it works and shows off Gucci’s lyrical ability. I think the downfall of this track is the fact that the song is quite long, being just over 4 minutes long and to me, the chorus is kind of bland.


Now this track should have been the intro. It’s shorter, more upbeat and has an unorthodox structure, perfect for an intro into a new album. Furthermore, Gucci is more lyrical on ‘Tho’ but has a better flow on ‘5 Million Intro’. Nevertheless, just like the first time I heard this track to right now, ‘Droptop Wop’ officially started for me after this song.

Hurt A Nigga Feelings

I think this is the best track on the album. If the hook wasn’t so explicit, I think it would work well on the radio too. The song isn’t too long which is a recurring problem on this album, songs being too long. The Metro beat is really enjoyable, which complements the premise of the song. Gucci’s lyrics, flow and hook are the best thing about this track. But even though I really enjoy this track and is the best track on the album; it isn’t my favorite track.


This is my favorite track, I think ‘Helpless’ is my favorite over ‘Hurt Feelings’ because I was able to ‘discover’ this song on the album rather than being released as a single. This is my favorite Metro beat. It has this sort of retro vibe due to the sound of the strings in the melody. It’s simple yet effective. Gucci literally killed this track. From the chorus to the verses to the adlibs, every Gucci spits on this track is amazing.

Met Gala

My first reaction to this track was that Offset spazzes on this track. I wasn’t even mad that none of the other Migos were on this track. But as I listen to this track more and more, I’m less impressed by Offset and more impressed by Guwop. What Offset did on ‘Met Gala’ is something we can expect from him, that’s Offset’s style. But Gucci switched it up completely on this. This flow was monotone and the deliverance was in the form of a murmur yet lyrically mesmerizing. Gucci heard how hard Offset was going in on this track and wouldn’t let himself get outdone and executed his verse in his own style.

Finesse The Plug Interlude

This was a surprise. Firstly, I didn’t even think it was going to be a song. The hook is the first thing you hear aside from the instrumental and I wasn’t overly impressed, it just sounded like a standard chorus. But when you actually get into the song you begin to realize how cold and sinister this song is. Gucci and Metro created a track that could send shivers down the spine of any drug dealer.

Dance with the Devil

This is also one of my favorite tracks of the album. To me this song is very minimalist, it sounds like there are about seven different instruments involved in creating this beat and there’s nothing wrong with that. Gucci is calm and composed throughout the song yet still manages to keep the song fresh and entertaining.

Both Eyes Closed

This is where the album begins to get boring for me. Although I can say this is a good song, I just don’t like it when I listen to the album straight through. Both the features sound good but admittedly 2 Chainz really went out his way to put in an amazing verse. Young Dolph was alright, I have heard better from him.


The rest of the album is decent but all fall casualty to sounding way too similar in terms of instrumentals. This dark, slow paced, gothic type of Metro beat works well for most rappers but only up to a certain point. 21 Savage would sound amazing on all these tracks but that’s due to the nature of his style.

Gucci did very well on all these Metro beats but as in terms of enjoyment after ‘Finesse the Plug Interlude’ levels begin to drop. This album lacked variety and desperately needed it. It’s still a good album and I enjoyed it a lot but I think this was a missed opportunity to put out an amazing album.