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Gucci Mane

I really enjoyed this top 5. I came across an old classic I had never heard before and revisited some songs I hadn’t heard in a while.



The unique approach, Gucci Mane’s legendary flow and the beautiful C4 beat. This song deserves to go down as a classic. The video isn’t that good but the song makes up for it.


Gas and Mud

I can easily, without a shadow of doubt that ‘Gas and Mud’ is my favorite song from ‘Trap God’. For 3 minutes and 46 seconds Gucci Mane goes on a story telling adventure using bits and pieces of his life story.

The hook is equally as good as the verses and C4 kills it once again with an instrumental that molds it all together.



This is why I created a Gucci Mane fansite. I would have never listened to this song if it wasn’t for the purpose of this article. This song is so hard! It’s already the flashback Friday for next week!


Fuck 12

Not my favorite intro by Gucci Mane last year but it’s still very good. I think it’s lyrically better than ‘St. Brick Intro’ and also functions better as an intro for an album than ‘St Brick’.


Swing My Door

I advise all Gucci Mane fans to listen to ‘Chicken Talk’, it’s one of Zaytoven’s favorite mixtapes. It’s also the first mixtape Gucci Mane released once he left Big Cat Records.

‘Chicken Talk’ is like the Genesis of the Gucci Mane we know today. ‘Swing my Door’ is one of the classics from that mixtape which if you see from the YouTube comments of the video is still played in 2017!