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Gucci Mane

I was pleasantly surprise with @notaplanet’s favorite Gucci Mane track because it’s quite ununsual to say the least.


Everybody Looking

The first verse is in my top 5 favorite Gucci Mane verses of all time. The ‘Burr’ adlib makes all the difference; it adds so much emphasis onto Gucci Mane’s flow for that verse. The Drumma Boy instrumental is flawless and the video for this track is glorious.


Vette Pass By

We need some new Gucci Mane and Oj Da Juiceman urgently, sadly I don’t think it would ever happen. The adlibs in this track are so iconic.


Making Love to The Money

I think this song is in all Gucci Mane fans favorites. It may not be in their top 5 or even their top 10 but I can guarantee that we all have a strong affinity for this song.



I forgot how good this song was. Admittedly I never really liked the first verse that much but the flow on the second verse is out of this world, it will forever blow my mind how dope the verse is.



‘Unwanted’ is an unconventional Gucci Mane track. The Gucci Mane verse you hear is taken from the song ‘Stoopid’ off of the ‘Chicken Talk’ mixtape. Although, this is far from the genre I usually listen to, I can recognize dope music and this remix is dope. Furthermore, you got to appreciate the amazing editing that has gone into the music video.