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Gucci Mane

This top five is so well rounded; I experienced a whirlwind of emotions listening to this selection. Shout out to such a cool top five, I wonder what your top ten is like.


Play With Your Children

There’s not many Gucci Mane hook’s that make you feel as aggressive as this track; I’m talking “Soulja Boy, pull out that Draco, I got 150 shooters in Atlanta” levels of aggression.

The 808 Mafia beat doesn’t help either and the Fredo Santana feature is like a match made in hell. If you’re in a bad mood, don’t listen to this track before you do something reckless!



Well if “Play with Your Children” could you all aggressive, agitated and irritable “Activist” will surely calm you down.


Fresh as a Bitch

This has to be one of my favorite 808 Mafia beats, the piano melody is so captivating. Everyone on the track spits dope verse on this track but it would be no surprise to say that Peewee Longway had the superior feature.


Semi On Em

I will never forget when I first heard this track. I was impressed by the Gucci Mane and blown away by Chief Keef.

The surprise of the chorus coming out of the left headphone compiled with the flow Chief Keef dropped on this song was legendary.



This was the song that made me a Gucci Mane fan. This song has everything; flow, bars, catchy chorus and a hypnotic instrumental. This is the only “Lemonade” I will ever acknowledge.