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Gucci Mane

When I started doing this series of articles I was expecting so many common occurring tracks like “Lemonade” but so far very few songs have come up twice and nothing has appeared three times yet.


I Heard

Traphouse 3 was such a good album, with “I Heard” being a highlight. I can’t get over Rich Homie Quan’s verse, I just don’t like it.

That being said, the verse does function as a build up to Gucci Mane’s. I do like the hook which works so well with the C-Note instrumental. Last but by no means least, Gucci Mane killed it.


Making Love to the Money

2010 was such a great year for Gucci Mane and his fans, so many iconic songs were released and “Making Love to the Money” was one of them.

Gucci Mane included this song in so many mixtapes that I did get a little bit tired of it, but revisiting this song in 2017 is such a pleasure. I truly forgot how much I liked this song.


Gucci Please

‘Everybody Looking’ has to go down as one of Gucci Mane’s best albums. To me there isn’t a bad song on the album and ‘Gucci Please’ is no exception. Gucci Mane’s flow on this track is one of the best on the album.



So many songs Gucci Mane released whilst incarcerated were so hit or miss, obviously ‘Tone’ hit the nail right on the head. In fact the mixtape ‘Breakfast’ was one of the best he dropped.


Off the Leash

Out of Gucci Mane’s entire catalogue of music, this song sounds so unique. I haven’t heard Gucci Mane’s voice go so high and C-Note’s beat sounds satanically inspired. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad song, in fact it’s quite the contrary.