Sawwuce Gawd

Hot Single: 1017Kdawg - Make Gucci Proud (Prod. 808 Mafia)


I’m always down to support another Gucci Mane fan, so when 1017kdawg hit me up on Instagram asking to post his Gucci Mane related track “Make Gucci Proud”, I was glad to. Listening to this track I can hear the potential in 1017Kdawg, unlike most upcoming rappers these days 1017Kdawg has a clear and unique flow which works well on this 808 Mafia produced beat.

If I had to offer advice to 1017Kdawg to help him come up in the rap game; it would be to improve his recording sessions. It’s clear from the track that this was recorded on a low quality microphone which takes away from the listening experience. The record that blows up for an upcoming artist always sounds professional.

Like 1017Kdawg, if you have any Gucci Mane related material and want to see it on this website DM me on twitter @Sawwucegawd or Instagram: @guccimane_fansite. If I like it, I will post it.