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Top Ten Gucci Mane and Young Dolph Tracks


Young Dolph dropped ‘Gelato’ earlier this week and it’s cold. Similar to many artists popping now, Gucci Mane also had a helping hand in Dolph’s career.


At da Juug House

If you didn’t know Gucci Mane, Young Dolph and Peewee Longway have a joint mixtape called “Felix Brothers” and its fire. “At da Juug House” is proving of this, only entering at number 10. “At da Juug House” has a bitter sweet chorus with Gucci Mane mentioning Waka Flocka.


Mob Ties

This is a very solid track, it just lacks a special quality. The verses, chorus and instrumental all sound good but there’s nothing within the tune to blow your mind.


I Aint Even Gonna Lie

I aint even gonna lie I was a little disappointed in Young Dolph on the track. I really like his chorus but his verse was kind of weak. However, Gucci Mane’s verse isn’t that much better either. All in all “I Aint Even Gonna Lie” is a decent track.



This song starts off sounding so goofy but when Gucci Mane gets into it, the track quickly transitions into a dark trap tune. I like how C Note made this beat as it feels like a story. The instrumental has a clear well defined stages; a beginning, middle and an end which makes it even easier to follow the tales of Gucci Mane and Young Dolph.


Like Me

You know when a track is fire when DJ Holiday rewinds the track and it doesn’t aggravates you but instead provokes anticipation to hear the track again. Dolph killed this C4 and Metro Boomin production. Young Dolph gives you a snippet of the fire you can expect to hear by doing the chorus. His verse confirms and surpasses all your suspicions on how good you think he is on this track.


Texas Margarita

Everything about this track feels like a Gucci Mane and Young Dolph track. Young Dolph even does some of the adlibs on the Gucci Mane verse and Young Dolph even does the chorus. I assume Phil is only on the track because he was in the right place at the right time. Gucci Mane has a really dope flow on the track but Young Dolph’s flow is just too perfect.


A Plus remix

This was the first Young Dolph and Gucci Mane track that I had heard and I couldn’t wait for more. Little did I know that they would eventually drop a mixtape together. You know, I really thought Young Dolph would be much bigger than where he is at right now since this banger did come out 4 years ago. All in due time I guess.



Young Dolph, Gucci Mane and Zaytoven, who did it better, who was the best on this track? Zaytoven’s instrumental is smoothing but still retains that trap sound. Gucci Mane does the hook which I personally enjoy more than his verse, it just sounds better on the track to me. Young Dolph brings his iconic flow and lyrics; “Scrollin' through my DM, nothin' but models and singers” , makes for an worthwhile audio experience.



There’s something about hearing this chorus that I enjoy so much. Especially that little part before the verses in which Gucci Mane shouts out TM88, if I was on the track I would also shout out TM because TM88 does an amazing job on this track. Gucci Mane and Young Dolph are hard as usual.


Better Not

You won’t find a Gucci Mane and Young Dolph better than this track. The instrumental and chorus is so infectious it’s frightening. You better not blame me for staying up 2 a.m. in the morning listening to this track on loop.