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Top Ten Gucci Mane and Migos Tracks


We are fully embracing the Migos and the release of CULTURE on here. The Migos, having come up with the support of Guwop have the full support of this website and it also helps that I personally think The Migos > The Beatles.


Floor Seats

Although this song is better than a few songs further down on this listen, the lack of more than one member of The Migos means that it’s technically not a Migos song hence why it’s in tenth.


Jackie Chan

I feel like Gucci Mane and Quavo could have done so much more with this track. Takeoff’s verse isn’t too bad but I think quick fire flows would have sounded so dope on this Zaytoven beat.


Dennis Rodman

When this song dropped I remember thinking this song was so dope. But listening to this song in 2017 doesn’t really stand the test of time. I guess everyone involved in this song has evolved musically. I’m glad Gucci Mane doesn’t use auto-tune anymore.


Ice Cream Man

I only discovered this track recently. Although initially the chorus in tandem with the beat sounds a little childish, the verses with from Quavo, Takeoff and Gucci Mane are nothing to be played with!


Mama We Rich

From day one, I knew Zaytoven would be the catalyst for the Migos to blow up. They sound really good together. I think the instrumental of this track is almost as enjoyable as the actual song.

What makes this song even better is that it’s origin of everyone’s latest favorite adlib; MOMMA!



Sliding off of the CULTURE album, “Slippery” is just too cool. I have too say, it’s no easy task making a song that accommodates with the different flows everyone adopts on this song.

I think the Gucci Mane verse will have polarizing opinions. I really enjoy it but when I first heard it, I did think it was wack. I think there are many people will have the same view as I did on my initial hearing.



The first collaboration since Gucci Mane got home in 2016 with the trio, thankfully it doesn’t disappoint. Listening to this track makes me want a Gucci Mane and Migos mixtape. The addition of Offset really improves a track and Gucci Mane has way too many songs with Quavo and Takeoff.


Walk In With Me

I think this song is so hard! Everyone slaughters their verses. That being said, I am a little disappointed with the chorus. I especially like Quavo’s verse, his flow just sounds so good on this track.



This was the track that put me on the Migos. I’m surprised that more people haven’t heard this track. I think this song should have been on YRN mixtape instead of Dennis Rodman.


Mr. Serve On

I even surprised myself putting this track number one. Admittedly I discovered this track today and somewhat mystified by it, especially the addition of Offset on the track which makes a big difference. Furthermore, it’s refreshing to hear Gucci Mane do the hook instead of Quavo.