Sawwuce Gawd

Top Ten Gucci Mane and Shawty Redd Tracks


I really didn’t know that Shawty Redd produced so many bangers for Gucci Mane; this list was pretty difficult to rank. from when he was around 18 is motivating to me.



The chorus kind of disappoints me. The verses are so good but the chorus gets a little repetitive and stale for me. This is a good song to revisit every now and then, but I couldn’t listen to this track every day.



Placing this track in ninth doesn’t do it justice, I really enjoy this song especially the chorus and the flow on the second verse – heavenly. The subsequent Shawty Redd produced tracks just kept outranking this song.



This is such a classic, the beat alone is amazing then Gucci Mane adding his flow on top is too much. In some instances you don’t really get comprehend everything Gucci Mane is saying but when has that ever been a problem.



Listening to this song in 2017, I can never forget how great ‘The State vs. Radric Davis’, I don’t think any album Gucci Mane has released last year was as good as ‘The State vs. Radric Davis’. Gucci Mane goes hard on every verse on this track. There are some songs where his first verse is better than the second or third, verse and vice versa. But on ‘Heavy’ Guwop just maintains an amazing lyrical level that not once he goes below.


My Plug

Isn’t this one of the dopest Gucci Mane hooks you have ever heard? The verses are good especially the part where Gucci Mane calls out Justin Timberlake but I could honestly just listen to the chorus all day.


My Shadow

I really like the flow Gucci Mane uses in the 2nd verse and the chorus but I am most impressed by the instrumental. Although it’s definitely a Trap beat it’s got a slight techno vibe which keeps the song fresh and makes the song stand out.


Dope Boyz

You don’t appreciate how hard the first verse is until you read the lyrics for it. When you do, it’s like a blind man seeing for the very first time, a brand new sensation. It was always there but now you can actually value it.


I Am Legend

It’s nothing new to use celebrities and film titles in rap lyrics but would you expect it from Gucci Mane? Furthermore, doesn’t the chorus make you feel invincible, I can understand why Gucci Mane called it ‘I Am Legend’ because the hook accompanied by the “baseball game” sample manipulated by Shawty Redd creates a sense of invincibility as if you are a ….. Legend!


Break Ya Self

It’s only dawned on me how “lyrical” Gucci Mane is on Shawty Redd beats and how insane the flows are. ‘Break Ya Self’ where do I even begin? The whole song is a lyrical treasure hunt and every time I listen to this song I find a new gem. It’s a shame the lyrics aren’t available online but I guess that would spoil the fun.


Play Your Cards

Listening to the 2nd verse of the song made me realise that I actually need to do a top ten list of Gucci Mane verses because the 2nd verse is the greatest I have ever heard (yes, it’s better than ‘Steady Mobbin’). The savagery Gucci Mane spits in such a lyrical flow is a masterpiece.