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Top Ten Gucci Mane and Young Scooter Tracks


Gucci Mane has been out for 8 months now, why am I still waiting to hear a song with him and Young Scooter?



It’s Young Scooter on the adlibs. That sucks. Without a doubt if Young Scooter had a verse on this track it would sound dope. That being said, the direction Gucci Mane takes on this track, I can understand why he would want to do this track solo.

In Gucci Mane’s first verse Guwop is recalling some of his past experiences which does make this track slightly personal. I honestly think this track deserves to be further down in the list but Scooter is only on the adlibs.


Boss Shit

Clearly I have prioritized the tracks in which Young Scooter has a verse. It’s not enough just to be on the chorus. Gucci Mane’s verses are great also.

However, I think the beat is my favorite part of the track. It’s so bouncy and fluid, it works really well with both Gucci Mane’s and Young Scooters style.


Dead Man

This selection is kind of controversial; I purposely chose the version minus Trae the Truth.

I think this version is so much better than the one released on ‘Trap God’. Trae the Truth just messes up the vibe. We all know Gucci Mane and Young Scooter is a duo that works well.


Not Ballin

Gucci Mane is throwing bricks compared to Young Scooter on ‘Not Ballin’. Young Scooter’s paced flow is an audio pleasure whereas Gucci Mane’s verse, flow and chorus are decent at best.


Jugg Finesse

If Young Scooter won round one with ‘Not Ballin’ then Gucci Mane has tied it with his verse on ‘Jugg Finesse’. Although, Young Scooter does both the chorus and verse on this track I think Gucci Mane’s verse is superior than both.

Furthermore, I think Young Scooter’s chorus is better than his verse. His verse sounds kind of long winded whereas his chorus is short and catchy.


77 Birds

What’s better than one Young Scooter verse? Two Young Scooter verses! In all seriousness though, this song is really good, especially if this is the first time listening to it. I desperate for Young Scooter to drop JUGKING, the last few tapes were only mediocre.


Big Guwap

This song aligns with one of my personal philosophies; less is more. ‘Big Guwap’ is basic but brilliant, the simple sound and lack luster lyrics combine to create a pleasant audio experience.



It’s ironic that I applauded ‘Big Guwap’ for being basic but ranked ‘Cali’ which goes overboard in the elements involved in this track.

It takes great skill to keep something simple but in my opinion it takes even more skill to bring order to an array of chaos and produce something beautiful.


Don’t Trust Me

I would say both Gucci Mane and Young Scooter had equally amazing verses on this song. Indeed you can hear Waka Flocka on the adlibs which should disqualify this song, but to not include this song in this list is an even greater travesty. By the way, I think this song is the most underrated track on ‘Trap God’.


Free Bricks

Let’s get it out the way, Gucci Mane killed this track. But it’s Sonny Digital that gets all the praise on this song. The instrumental is simply amazing; the snares, bass, trumpets, etc. I love it all.

I fully support Sonny Digital in his rapping endeavor but I want him to come back and produce more tracks for Gucci Mane!