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Top Ten Gucci Mane and Young Thug Tracks


The release of the video of my favorite Young Thug at the moment, “Guwop” made me realize that I hadn’t done a top ten list for the prolific pair.


Down On That

I am a little disappointed with Gucci Mane verse on this track. Young Thug provides so much energy during the chorus and verse Gucci’s verse seems almost missed placed on this track.

Lyrical however, Gucci Mane is good but I feel my enjoyment of this song dissipate as Gucci Mane’s verse goes on.


Shooting Star

This track flew under the radar for a lot of people. “Shooting Star (Ft. Gucci Mane)” is one of the best tracks from Thug’s debut mixtape on 1017.

After you listen to this track you will come to two conclusions; firstly that Young Thug was always going to blow with all this talent and that this song deserves to be in this top ten list.


Guwop Home

It pains me not to put this track in the top five of this list but to be honest, I think people myself included over rate this track due to its sentiment value being that this was the first collaboration between Gucci Mane and Young Thug since Gucci Mane got released from Prison.

It’s a good track don’t get me wrong but I think that they got better collaborations included in this list.



This was the first Young Thug song I heard and from this moment I became a fan. I would say Gucci Mane is the highlight of this song but it’s still a good verse from Young Thug. I do enjoy the slow, controlled and composure flows both these artists have on this track.


Hot Boyz

I can’t decide who had the better verse on this track. Gucci Mane’s verse was definitely more lyrical yet Young Thug’s verse had more flow, I guess it depends on what you enjoy more. For an intro, “Hot Boyz” sets a strong precedence from what you can expect from “Thugga Mane La Flare”.


Don't Look At Me

I love this track. Everything within this track works well; the Metro/TM88 beat is so good anyone would sound good, Gucci Mane doesn’t slack though, his two verses are lyrical vicious with dabs of flow.

Young Thug’s hook connects it all together in his unique fashion. The only thing missing is a Young Thug verse.


Heart Attack

Young Thug is perfect on this song. I remember when this song was first released and I had this sound on repeat for the rest of the whole day. Young Thug’s verse and chorus is so emotional it will take you to a level no Drake song ever could.

Unfortunately, this does mean that Gucci Mane’s verse isn’t as good but I would say that it doesn’t take away from the song.



I think this track is so underrated! Gucci Mane slaughters this track with his flow. Young Thug on the chorus makes the song ever better and his verse follows suit. I still don’t understand or know why this track is called “Gym”.


I Told Ya

The latest track from the Dynamic Duo, “I Told Ya” is a collaborative combination of couples with lyrics from Gucci Mane and Young Thug and the beat being produced by Mike Will made it and Zaytoven.

This song makes me question whether Gucci Mane really is my favorite artist since Young Thug always seems to be stealing the show. I guess it’s true that the apprentice surpasses the master.



Although this was a recycled Gucci Mane verse from the “intro” of “Trap House 4” London On The Track was able to create a beat which worked so well with this verse that only on this song, this verse is one of my favorites.

Young Thug as usual slaughters the rest of the song. I’m still yet to see a video for them performing this track two together though.