Sawwuce Gawd

Top Ten Gucci Mane Love Songs


Today is Valentine’s Day and to celebrate here’s a today of my favorite Gucci Mane love songs. As you may expect Gucci Mane doesn’t have that many love songs within his catalogue.

However, when he does make a love song, they bring out all the emotions. Furthermore, all these songs are really good, the majority of them have been my favorite song at some point in time.


I Think I Love Her

Ok, we all know this isn’t the love song we were all expecting but not including this song in the list would be a crime.

This song is so iconic you can almost bet that Gucci Mane would perform this at a concert. And depending on how you interpret the lyrics, I guess you can say it is a love song.


Heart Attack

This is one of my favorite Young Thug and Gucci Mane songs but as a Gucci Mane love song it pales in comparison to some of the other Gucci Mane love songs in this list. I would love it if Gucci Mane could record a verse for this song because as it stands, his verse is so weak!


MVP(Ft.Jagged Edge)

It’s a shame this song is in 8th because Jagged Edge are legends. Drumma Boy produced a really cool beat that intertwines Gucci Mane’s Trap style with the RnB soul of Jagged Edge.


Better Baby

There’s a Gucci Mane song out there for everyone. This track is for those of you who aren’t doing right by their partner. When someone is good to you, do right by them before they slip out of your life.


Money Rule the World

This song had me a little confused. I don’t know if it is or isn’t a love song but it feels like one and that’s the most important thing.


You Gon Love Me

Like I said, Gucci Mane has a song for everyone and this song is for those of you courting that special person. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what possessions you have no amount of stuff can make someone love you but it can get you laid this valentines!


Hell Yes

I normally don’t like the songs in which Gucci Mane uses auto-tune but on this song it sounds so beautiful. Honorable C-Note who produced this track fully deserves the title of Honorable with this instrumental.


Point In My Life

Its official Trap House 3 has the best love songs on it out of all of Gucci Mane’s albums and mixtapes. “I’m the boss of spilling sawwuce” – A Legend.


Swole Pocket Shawty

I really wish Gucci Mane released Trap God 3 when he was a free man because I feel that Trap Gid 3 is the weakest in the trilogy, a bit like Godfather 3. It does have a few gems though and Swole Pocket Shawty is the diamond.


I Wonder

If there’s a playlist if Gucci Mane songs in which I could only listen to for the rest of my life, this song would be in it. In fact I’m actually listening to this song on loop whilst writing this article. My only wish is that this song was longer.