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Top Ten Gucci Mane and Mike Will Made It Tracks


It’s been awhile since I’ve written a proper article. Alas, I have returned! Mike Will Made It, Gucci Mane Slayed It! I admire Mike Will so much, from being a 16 year old waiting outside of patchwork studio to being one of the most successful producers of this decade. Simply amazing.



I have always liked this song, especially the second verse. But it wasn’t until I discovered that Mike Will made it that I really began to appreciate the sound. The instrumental to this song is so vivid and particular, there isn’t anything like it in Gucci Mane catalogue. Moreover, Mike Will being behind this beat really shocked me because it has none of his usual indicators that he is behind this instrumental. I think that “Goin” demonstrates how diverse he has become as a producer.


Plain Jane

I think the instrumental to “Plain Jane” is a hallmark of Mike Will’s 2012 – 2013 era where we saw him blow up into the mainstream. That deep 808 that Mike Will is iconic for using can be heard so clearly in this track. Moreover, you can begin to hear the similarities between this track and so many that came out around this time such as the hit “Bands Make Her Dance”.


Blue Face Rollie

Gucci Mane’s flow on this track is legendary. I have to say though, I hear a hint of Peewee Longway in Gucci Mane flow; the rapid bars back to back with no breaks, that’s so Peewee. Mike Will played a pivot part in the production of this song by creating a beat that would inspire Gucci Mane to rap this way and most importantly, making it sound good.


Early Bird

This song falls under the category “skipped until I realized it was fire”. The lyrics aren’t mind blowing and the beat isn’t outstanding but somehow the combination of the two makes this song incredibly hypnotic.


1st Day Out the Feds

You don’t really appreciate how dope this Mike Will Made It beat is until the end of the track where Gucci Mane stops rapping and you wish the outro would loop and go on for all eternity. This instrumental is so pure, there isn’t many songs out there especially in trap music where you would prefer just to hear the instrumental.


Back 2 Basics

I’m genuinely mesmerized by this song. Firstly, Gucci Mane has two completely different flows in this one song. Waka Flocka goes so hard on this track I actually think this was the last Waka song I really enjoyed. Lastly, Mike Will creates a beat so rhythmic and melodic that even the “This is a world premiere” juggle sounds as if it’s suppose to be an instrument in this beat.


Kill the Parking Lot

I’m pretty sure Mike Will was still a teenager when he made this beat. This track itself is timeless. I discovered it in 2016 and I’m convinced that if it came out in 2017 no one would be none the wiser that this song was made in 2008. I think the quality of being able to make timeless tracks is a trait of great artist.


WW3 Intro

This song should be in a museum, saved for the future generations in an exhibition called “lyrical masterpieces”. This song has to live forever. Everyone on this track is amazing. I have never lost my sense of fascination from when I first heard this track even though it came out in 2013.


East Atlanta 6

This song right here is a classic. The video, classic! The beat, classic! The lyrics, classic! Moreover, did you know Mike Will made this beat when he was 16 and if you look closely, you can see him wearing a black t-shirt and sunglasses.


Walking Lick

Mike Will knows how to effortlessly accommodate both Gucci and Waka on a track. There’s something about “Walking Lick” that stands out from the rest, I can’t exactly describe it but it just warms my soul listening to it.