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Top Ten Gucci Mane and Peewee Longway Tracks


Although I was a little disappointed Gucci Mane didn’t resign Peewee Longway I still see them making music together, even maybe another mixtape together. Luckily, we still have these amazing songs to last us.


Blue Face Rollie

Peewee Longway does the adlibs on this track which is enough for me to put it on this list. Listening to ‘Blue Face Rollie’ you begin to realize how versatile Gucci Mane’s flow is. He has so many flows it’s crazy. Gucci Mane is still so underrated.


Felix Brothers

‘Felix Brothers’ is one of the most underrated mixtapes out there. I entered this track at number 9 because the instrumental sounds so familiar which kind of takes away from this song.

Peep Gucci Mane’s flow, he switches it up so much on this song. Then Peewee adds the finishing touches, I think that Peewee is one of the best rappers in the game right now.


Still Beatin

It took me so long to fuck with this song. I was just put off by the weird intro. What I enjoy about this song is the different approach Gucci Mane and Peewee longway both use on this song. It breaks the mold from the usual vibe of their collaborations. ‘Still Beatin’ has a more relaxing vibe whereas you usually hear a fast paced, machine gun style from these two.


Count A Check

You don’t often hear Peewee do the hook on songs between Gucci Mane and him. I think Peewee doing the hook on this track was well suited. Secondly, Peewee’s verse on this track is so clean, his flow worked perfectly on this song.


Pocket Watching

Although I’m kind of disappointed in Gucci Mane’s verse, Peewee’s verse is a showcase as to why he should be considered one of the best rappers in the game.


Hol’ Up

To me the most important aspect of music is how it makes you feel and this song instantly makes me feel so good and want to turn up. The Will Da Fool instrumental paired with the flows of Gucci Mane and Peewee can bring a smile to anyone’s face.


Choppo vs. Felix

I feel like such a dummy for only discovering this song in the last 3 months. I have an annoying habit of judging songs before I have even heard it. And I had deemed this track unworthy to even try to listen to it.

But on the other hand, the pleasure of discovering a hidden gem makes it all worth the years of neglect. It’s a shame Peewee doesn’t have a verse on the song but Gucci Mane does an amazing job with his two verses.



Before, the song finishes the intro you already know it’s going to be a banger. Its tracks like this which makes WW3: Lean one of my favorite all time mixtapes.


Dope Show

‘Dope Show’ is a masterpiece everyone needs to see.



You know it wasn’t until last year that I discovered that it was Peewee on the third verse. This song came out in 2013! Furthermore, it was only a few months before that, that I noticed it was a completely different person on the third verse.

I blame it on the distorted voices. After listening to this track does anything more need to be said about why this song is placed at number 1?