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Ten Gucci Mane songs that should have gone platinum


A career as long as Gucci’s it may shock you to some degree that Gucci landed his first platinum plaque in 2017 with the record ‘Both Ft. Drake’. Thanks to the inclusion of streams in the RIAA certification artists are once again going gold and platinum.

The music industry really didn’t adapt well to the digital revolution and consumers found it easier just to pirate music instead of buying it. Now with services such as Apple Music and Spotify, consumers are legally listening to music and as a result records are being sold again. It’s just a shame that for an artist like Gucci Mane whose career was mainly in the era of poor music sales, Gucci never sold well.


Hell Of A Life

Even though this isn’t a Gucci Mane track, I would find it hard not to see this track not doing well. This song as a feel good factor; whenever I hear this track I feel good. Furthermore, I think this song could easily be enjoyed by fans of other genres and other artists.

I think all this track needs in order to go platinum if released in 2017 is a music video as this would improve the popularity of this song. In this reality, “Hell Of A Life” has over 7 million views on Youtube which puts into perspective of how successful this song would have been in 2017.


Gas and Mud

This is my favorite track off of “Trap God” and out the mixtape trilogy of “Trap God” I think “Trap God 1” would have sold the best. “Gas and Mud” is one of those low key bangers that you are unlikely to hear on the radio or at a club but you constantly play it in your headphones which in 2017 would have racked up a lot of single sales if you’re listening to the song through a streaming service.


Gucci 2 Times

“Gucci 2 Times” already got a bit of the meme treatment and in 2017 memes play a very important role in the mainstream success of a record. I think if this track was released in 2017 it would set the internet on fire. This song would cause so much discussion, firstly you would have the Gucci fans that think this song is amazing and a masterpiece (I fall into this category) and you will have the haters that will hate on the repetitiveness of this chorus and not understand the wave of this record.

Finally you would have the social media-clout-seeking-memers who would feast on the war between the two parties. There would be positive and hilarious memes that praise this track and there would of course be memes meant to dissuade people from liking this song. Either way people will listen to this track which will boost the sales of this record.


Last Time

I ‘m really disappointed that this song didn’t even go gold, I truly believe this song had the potential to be a platinum selling record. “Last Time” works well in clubs, easy to relate to and Gucci Mane performed this track on a number of TV appearances. I think the downfall of this track was Gucci releasing this track so early. This record came out before the release of ‘Woptober’ yet didn’t feature on the album. By December the hype behind this track was dead and gone.



This is a no brainer. Personally, I never thought that this song was great. Back in 2009, this song nearly went gold so you can imagine how big this song was back then. Needless to say, in 2017 this song would have easily of gone platinum.


My Kitchen

This song is as iconic for Gucci Mane as ‘Lemonade’. ‘My Kitchen’ has over 31 million views on Youtube and is one of his most successful music videos. The song is infectious. The aggressive of this track reminds me of Waka. Although I doubt this track would get much airplay but clearly the internet loves it.


I Wonder

With Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir being collectively known as ‘The Wopsters’ with their own reality show coming soon this song could be seen as a tribute to their relationship. Furthermore, this song was never formally released as a single, just a music video. This song hasn’t even experienced some of it’s real potential. All Gucci needs to do is reshoot this video with Keyshia, add a new verse and release it as a single.


First Day Out

The Godfather of all the ‘First Day Out’ inspired songs. Can you imagine the success of this track if streaming was a thing? This song was pioneering and amazing. All Gucci Mane sets have this song in the mix and the clubs love this song.



It’s crazy to think that a record as big as “Lemonade” didn’t even go gold. Yet, “Lemonade” is one of Gucci Mane’s most iconic songs to date. The lack of gold or platinum status really doesn’t reflect the popularity of this song. Something that really hindered Gucci’s success in sales like most artists during this period was the pirating of music. Although, artists were able to make up for it with the show money, history doesn’t deal well with anecdotal experiences and the lack of metrics for this song doesn’t accurately reflect just how popular this song was.



This song is the audio incarnation of summer. The only thing I would change make if this song was released in 2017 would be to replace Tracy T with Rae Sremmurd. Swae Lee knows how to write amazing verses and Rae Sremmurd would bring that young mainstream attention to the track. However, the original version of this track is still very good and in 2017 this could easily be a platinum record.